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Hot Topics

Managing Animal’s Pain is the ‘Right thing’ to do

Canadian Veterinary Medical Association Position Statement on Pain Control

Equine Processing


  • Equine Information Document
    • Includes a link to the Equine Information Document that is required in Canada for all horses that are presented at a processing facility.
  • Equine Traceability in Alberta
    • Explains the three pillars of Equine Traceability in Alberta: Premises Id, Equine Id, and Animal Movement.
  • National Equine Traceability Study – Equine Canada
    • Describing the outline of a national telephone survey conducted by Strategic Equine Inc. of Newmarket, Ontario in 2010 asking people selected at random from membership lists about their horses and their participation in the industry.
  • OIE Traceability of Equidae – a Population in Motion
    • Explains the need for better equine traceability, proper sanitary certification, and identification regulations in order to stop the spread of disease from horse transport.
  • Premises Identifcation
    • A link to the Premises Identification Application from and the mailing address to send it.