Alberta Farm Animal Care Association

Welcome to Alberta Farm Animal Care

Our History
Alberta Farm Animal Care Association or AFAC was started in 1993 by Alberta livestock producers. Throughout the past 20 plus years AFAC has developed into the collective voice of the livestock industry on matters of livestock welfare. AFAC has provided a coordinated approach for all areas of livestock production to work together to advance and promote responsible livestock care.

Vision & Mission

All farm animals in Alberta are respected, well cared for and experience a high state of welfare.

​We promote best practices in farm animal care and handling and provide a forum connecting organizations and individuals with a stake in animal agriculture. Together we work towards continual improvement in responsible, humane animal care. We engage with consumers in a transparent manner to enhance public confidence in farm animal care

Guiding Principles

  1. AFAC believes it is an ethical and social responsibility to raise and handle livestock in ways that result in a high state of animal welfare.
  2. AFAC is an impactful, proactive organization that helps to communicate the principles of farm animal care and welfare.
  3. AFAC is committed to open and fair communication.
  4. AFAC influences improvement in farm animal welfare through our discussions and work with stakeholders in animal agriculture.
  5. AFAC engages with consumers in a transparent manner to enhance public confidence in farm animal care.
  6. AFAC believes collaboration with all animal agriculture organizations and stakeholders is crucial to the advancement of our vision and mission.
  7. AFAC supports continuous improvement in farm animal welfare by encouraging respect and compassion for farm animals and the implementation of science-based best practices.
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Maternity Leave Cover- Bimonthly
Start Date: no later than April 1, 2019
Part time, on call (bimonthly 24/7)
Work remotely from any location – Close proximity to High River/Vulcan
Stipend- $400/month
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We are now more than 50% sold out of our tickets for the condensed Awareness Level TLAER course on March 20! This workshop will be hosted right before the 2019 LCC so if you're planning on going to one, it's a great opportunity to go to the other!
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