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This summer we met Dylan Biggs, the owner and operator of TK Ranch, at a low-stress cattle handling workshop. Upon meeting Dylan, the opportunity to visit his ranch for a day came up and without hesitation we took it! TK Ranch has been operating since 1956, and today three generations live and work on the ranch. For over 50 years TK Ranch has been committed to producing sustainable, quality beef for Albertans. The ranch was
The Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pullets and Laying Hens requires that: “All hens must be housed in enriched cage or non-cage housing systems that meet this Code’s requirements by July 1, 2036.” Faced with this upcoming requirement, producers have many questions to consider: Enriched cages or non-cage housing? Renovate an old barn or build new? How will my management practices change? Will my feed costs go up or down? How

March 16, 2018

Big student presence at #LCC2018

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What is the future of farm animal care in Alberta? A lot of progress has taken place over 25 years. Continual improvement is the key to the future. The next generation has a strong role to play in defining the path forward. That is why it was so important to have strong student participation at the 2018 Livestock Care Conference. In all, 49 students participated in the Meet the Experts session and attended the conference.
Working together. Breaking down silos. Pushing the pace of innovation. Telling our story. These are just a few among many areas of advancement discussed and showcased at the 2018 Livestock Care Conference, which was attended by over 200 people representing many key sectors and stakeholders of the Alberta livestock industry and farm animal care community. The conference featured a number of top speakers and addressed many hot topics shaping the future of farm animal care in
The 2018 Livestock Care Conference marks a milestone as AFAC celebrates 25 years. Welcome messages for the conference provided perspective on 25 years of progress, touching on the evolution of AFAC and farm animal care as well as the importance of continued collaboration and progress moving ahead. Perspectives on progress    “AFAC is such an integral part of our livestock industry in Alberta today,” says Dianne Finstad, agriculture and rodeo reporter and longtime friend to
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