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2023 Livestock Care Conference

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Livestock Care Conference Update
There are big changes ahead. The 2023 Livestock Care Conference will be postponed until spring of 2024. The pandemic created new challenges for an organization like ours to host our conference. After delivering the conference virtually for three years, our team and our board unanimously decided that in order to deliver the conference to the best of our ability, we needed to take a step back this upcoming year.
We are going to take this next year to talk to our stakeholders and also evaluate what the livestock industry wants to see from us in this fast evolving industry we are part of. We look forward to the triumphant return of LCC and hope to see you all there in the future. Read full media release here:

AFAC Media Release – LCC on Pause – Sep 30, 2022

Student Program Update
While we are postponing LCC, we still have plans to deliver a student event in 2023! We are excited to bring this opportunity to post-secondary students and will be announcing updates about this event soon. Watch our website and social media for updates.

2022 Livestock Care Conference

March 15-17, 2022
Held Virtually


Held virtually, our conference in 2022 took on a new form again running over three full days and included an additional two days of lunch and learn session held the week before on March 8 and 10. The theme was “PREP for Livestock Emergencies” which made our keynote, Dr. Rebecca (Gimenez) Husted a perfect fit. Participants heard real life stories of livestock emergencies and how they were dealt with from producers spanning across several provinces, took in workshops and panels, and students were also able to take in the Meet The Experts event. View full agenda here: LCC 2022 Agenda

This year, our Awards of Distinction were consolidated into only one award – with the nominees showing excellence in any one of the three categories. We would like to congratulate Dr. Brenda Ralston on winning the 2022 Award of Distinction.

2021 Livestock Care Conference

March 4-30, 2021
Held Virtually


The 2021 Livestock Care Conference was again held virtually due to the ongoing pandemic. There was a different look to the conference this year. Every Tuesday and Thursday in March, there were a variety of workshops, panels, and speakers from around the globe presenting for the registered participants of LCC. The theme was “Are We There Yet” and we got to hear our keynote Dr. Jody Carrington speak about trauma. View the entire agenda here: 2021 LCC Agenda

The 2021 Awards of Distinction were also presented during the conference. We would like to congratulate:

  • Award for Communication – Chatsworth Farm
  • Award for Industry Leadership – Kendra Donnelly
  • Award for Innovation – Lee Smith with The Water Box

2020 Livestock Care Conference

March 18 and 19, 2020
Held Virtually


Our 2020 conference was set to go right after the COVID – 19 lockdown first start so we chose to host the conference virtually for the first time. The 2020 LCC had the theme “Raising The Bar” where we were able to hear from keynote speaker Frank Mitloehner. This conference also featured a Western Canadian Livestock Summit and panels with both producers and industry members. See the full agenda here: 2020 LCC Agenda

The 2020 Awards of Distinction were also presented during the conference. We would like to congratulate:

  • Award for Communication – Barbara Duckworth
  • Award for Industry Leadership – Harmony Beef
  • Award for Innovation – Gateway Carriers

2019 Livestock Care Conference

March 20 and 21, 2019
Olds, Alberta


Our 2019 conference followed the theme “Partners in Progress: Tools for Success” and featured keynote speaker Dr. Rebecca Gimenez (owner of Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue). Find the entire agenda, including our speakers, here: LCC Draft Agenda 2019

The 2019 Awards of Distinction were also presented during the conference. We would like to congratulate:

  • Award for Communication – Brenda Schoepp
  • Award for Industry Leadership – Stacey Simpson
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