Alberta Farm Animal Care Association

Student Sponsorship opportunities are now closed for the 2019 LCC

This sponsorship provides the opportunity for interaction and networking between a post-secondary student and an Alberta livestock group. By connecting personally with a student, a tremendous amount of goodwill may be generated for the industry. Students will develop knowledge from this interaction that they may never have acquired any other way. Additionally, the student may learn of career opportunities in the industry or related areas in animal agriculture, resulting in recruitment into the field. Networking of this kind will also enable industry to maintain contact with the student population, should there be announcements about summer jobs, industry meetings, etc. for which you will seek to recruit people.  

Additionally, students are invited and encouraged to attend “FCC’s – Meet the Experts” session on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 20.

Alberta Farm Animal Care will pair student delegates with sponsor organizations through a competition process during which students will write short essays on the topic of “Partners in Progress: Tools for Success”. Essays will be a maximum of 2 pages and include professional goals and a discussion of how participation in LCC will advance professional skills, contacts, and knowledge with regard to a particular commodity group (or species) and the field of animal care/welfare.

Essays should either be submitted to Kristen Hall ([email protected]) or into the form above and should include your first and last name, post secondary institution and highlight all of the information in the paragraph above.

Deadline for applications is February 22, 2019 and you will be notified if you are accepted no later than February 28, 2019

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