Alberta Farm Animal Care Association

2020 Livestock Care Conference

March 19, 2020

Raising the Bar

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LCC 2.0 Digital Exhibit Hall


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Please take a scroll through our exhibitors who are excited to share their initiatives, public resources, and new innovations with you.  You’ll also find a contact for each digital booths Exhibitor, who is happy to answer any calls or email inquiries you may have!

ABVTA Profile

The ABVTA is a non-union, non-profit, professional membership association for Alberta’s registered veterinary technologists. The ABVTA is the voice of RVTs in Alberta and is focused on advancing the profession of veterinary technology and promoting compassionate animal care and welfare.

Feel free to click and download the information below, or watch a few videos!

Video – Role of the ABVTA

Video – Life of an RVT

Booth - Mountain View County

Mountain View County Profile

Mountain View County is halfway between Calgary and Red Deer; with views of the Rocky Mountains to the west and located within the vibrant Red Deer River watershed, we boast a land base of over 1 million acres, 2900 km of roadways, four towns, one village, 1800 farms and ranches and over 200 small and medium sized businesses. 


Mountain View County is focused on celebrating our agricultural identity while supporting diversification and balanced growth. Leadership and planning support our strong agricultural heritage, vibrant communities, a balanced economy and the stewardship of natural capital for future generations. Mountain View County supports an engaged rural community inspired by the unique and diverse qualities of our people and environment.

To Learn More About Mountain View County –


CFIA Profile

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is dedicated to safeguarding food, animals and plants, which enhances the health and well-being of Canada’s people, environment and economy.

Bayer Inc. Company Profile

Bayer provides Canadian producers and veterinarians with solutions that solve pest problems and improve animal health; including CYLENCE® pour-on for horn flies and lice in cattle, NOW labeled for sheep lice and keds! As well, Bayer provides immunostimulants VICTRIO® and ZELNATE®, BAYTRIL® 100 for respiratory disease and BAYCOX® for coccidiosis. For more information on these brands and our line of fly and crawling insect premise products (QUICK BAYT®, TEMPO®, CREDO® and DEBANTIC®) visit

Bayer Inc. Contact Information

For more information on Bayer products listed above please email:

Dr. Rich Boisvert, DVM, Veterinary Scientific Liaison

[email protected]

Bayer Inc. Tradeshow Product Features

At the 2020 Livestock Care Conference Bayer Animal Health is featuring:

Care 4 Pigs® Have a great idea to support pig welfare? You could qualify for an educational grant from Bayer!

CyLence® Pour-On insecticide – not just for cattle lice and horn flies anymore! Now with a NEW label claim for treating sheep lice and keds! Sheep dose is 2mL / 10 kg.

Got Coccidiosis? In calves, piglets or lambs, stop gut damage, diarrhea and oocyst shedding with Baycox®.

Flying or Crawling pests bugging you? Learn more about Bayer’s premise control products for flying and crawling insects.

University of Alberta Capstone Project

Understanding Producer Needs: A One Welfare Approach


Capstone Project Profile

 Four students from the University of Alberta are conducting a Capstone project with mentorship from Alberta Farm Animal Care and faculty member, Dr. Clover Bench. The project is focusing on challenges facing Alberta cow-calf producers and resources available to them. A short survey for producers was conducted and the students will be presenting resources they developed to address the challenges brought forward through the survey. The students were digitally present during the LCC 2.0 conference day and took feedback on the resources developed. Results from this project will be presented in a report to AFAC, and we will utilize the report to guide us in future communication and extension plans. 

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