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Conference speakers

Frank Mitloehner

Marina (Nina) von Keyserlingk

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Nina is a Professor at The University of British Columbia where she co-directs the Animal Welfare Program. Together with her colleagues and students their research focuses on assessing animal welfare and developing practical methods of improving the welfare of animals. She has published hundreds of scientific papers and is a frequent and enthusiastic speaker for academic and professional audiences.



Producer Panel Speakers

Stephen Hughes


Stephen Hughes is the first Canadian rancher to be part of the McDonald’s global “Flagship” Farm Program and is also a third-generation rancher who is lucky enough to spend his life on the Eastern Slopes of the Rocky Mountains in Southern Alberta. He is an owner and operator of Chinook Ranch, near Longview; along with his father and three daughters.



Susan Schafers

Industry Panel Speakers

Calgary Stampede




Harmony Beef



Agriculture today has many touch points with the public. From conversations on social media to on-farm activism, these can be difficult, stressful encounters.  The goal of the four-hour workshop is to provide tools to manage these encounters and conversations.


Becky Taylor and Sage Pullen are returning to the LCC after a very successful presentation last year, “Navigating Tough Conversations in Animal Welfare.” In the workshop they will talk about how to have conversations with the public in a positive, constructive manner. If you are in a difficult encounter online or in person, how to proactively talk to the other person about agriculture without escalating the situation.


We have also invited the RCMP to join us to explain the legal rights of landowners when people come onto their property, whether as activists or to commit a crime. What are their recommendations for the best ways to handle the situation and what can you do to prepare before someone comes on to your property.


Sponsored by:

Becky Taylor

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Becky Taylor has been active in her career as a Registered Veterinary Technologist  for over 25 years. She graduated from Fairview College in 1993 and worked in a mixed animal practice until 1999 when she joined the teaching team at Olds College spending 19 years instructing in the animal health programs; AHT, VMR, VTA. She has been active on provincial and national veterinary and community organizations in many roles.

Her current role is Director of Communication and Culture with Mosaic Veterinary Partners where she actively works directly with veterinary practice staff in a supported business model to enhance patient care and client service, promote positive team culture and contribute to business prosperity.

Becky’s passion for working with people led her to her devoting much of her professional development to learning and teaching communication skills in an applied manner.  Becky completed a Master of Arts in Professional Communication through Royal Roads University which included a final research paper focusing on the communication practices of RVTs in practice. She advocates and teaches communication skills that  strengthen the relationships within teams, within organizations and between clients and veterinary service providers. She has designed and taught many courses in communication and coaches & examines veterinary students at UCVM in simulated communication settings. She has spoken extensively on the topic of communication to various groups in the animal health industry and is well respected for her enthusiasm and knowledge in that area. She is a self proclaimed Communication Nerd!



Sage Pullen

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