Alberta Farm Animal Care Association

The ALERT Line is an anonymous, producer helping producer call line. If you have questions or concerns about animal welfare, call THIS NUMBER to report it


When should you call the ALERT Line?


  • If you are concerned that livestock may be neglected or in distress

  • If you have a question about livestock care or livestock care practices

  • If you see livestock that are in an emergency situation i.e barn fire, trailer rollover, barn roof collapse

  • If you are in need of assistance or support in taking care of your own livestock

  • If you need an Emergency Livestock Handling Equipment Trailer

If you aren’t sure whether or not you should call – call! We’re happy to answer any questions and it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Examples of calls we’ve received: 

  • Livestock that are looking thin

  • Snow on a cow’s back – is that okay?

  • No water

  • Can’t see any wind break or shelter

When should you call the Alberta SPCA?  (1-800-455-9003)


  • If you see livestock that are being abused or neglected

  • If you see livestock that are dead

  • If there are livestock with a visible/severe injury 

Examples of calls the SPCA would receive: 

  • There is a dead cow in the field that has been lying there for a couple of days 

  • There’s a horse with a bad looking wound on it’s side and doesn’t look like its been treated 

When should you call the RCMP?


  • If you see livestock that have found their way outside of their living area and aren’t sure who they belong to (stray livestock)

  • Livestock alongside a major road or highway

  • Call your nearest RCMP detachment if you see animals on a highway
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