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Emergency Livestock Handling Equipment Trailers

The Emergency Livestock Handling Equipment Trailers are trailers that are equipped with everything you would need in the event of a livestock emergency. This could be a cattle liner rollover, barn collapse, barn fire, etc.

The very first trailer was born in Red Deer County, followed closely by Ponoka County. After that, Alberta Farm Animal Care, with help from a Growing Forward grant and some very key people, was able to develop and strategically place 5 more trailers across the province of Alberta. Since then, 8 more trailers have arisen around the province, making Alberta the most equipped province when it comes to these livestock emergencies.

The trailers are typically housed at fire stations or county offices, having at least one of the trailer operators trained in some sort of livestock behavior course that also explains how to deal with livestock specifically in emergencies. Lakeland College is the host of this course, and we at AFAC try to provide other learning opportunities as well.

Alberta Farm Animal Care no longer has funding to create any more trailers, so we currently administer the Emergency Livestock Handling Equipment Program across Alberta. We do this by creating resources, keeping up with all of the trailers and ensuring that they have the support they need to continue doing the work that they do so well!

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