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The Alberta Farm Animal Care Awards of Distinction were initiated in 2001 to recognize individuals or groups who have made exceptional contributions in the field of livestock welfare. These individuals or organizations work hard to advance the mandate of AFAC and the welfare of livestock in Alberta. They apply new, innovative ideas and management practices to improve and ensure high standards of animal wellbeing. They understand the public’s need for assurance that farm animals are raised humanely. They can be held up as examples of those who are making a difference.

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The Award of Distinction for Innovation 

honours those who have developed a new process, product or source of knowledge that has made a significant impact on improving the welfare of livestock care and the industry.

This award has been presented to:

The Award of Distinction for Communication 

honours those that take an active role in effectively getting the message out about livestock issues, and informing the public and agri-food industry about farm animal care in a factual and honest way, to build trust and credibility.

This award has been presented to:


The Award of Distinction for Industry Leadership 

honours those who integrate animal welfare into their core business strategy, setting their own bar higher for expectations regarding animal welfare.

This award has been presented to:

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