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The Livestock Welfare Engagement Project (LWEP) brought together input from a broad cross-section of the livestock industry in Alberta. The objective of the LWEP was to provide an accurate understanding of the livestock welfare landscape in the province from the industry’s perspective. The LWEP was requested and funded by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry and facilitated by Alberta Farm Animal Care.

Over 2018, information and insights were collected from stakeholders across the sector through an online survey and a series of focus groups. The survey and focus groups were available to anyone that worked within Alberta’s livestock industry.

Results of the LWEP were documented in a Summary Report (see below) that was shared with the Government of Alberta. The report provided a resource to inform Alberta’s ongoing understanding, activity, and progress in livestock welfare. A series of information sheets have been developed to highlight Summary Report topics.


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LWEP Summary Report

Industry-specific reports were created for the beef, dairy, equine, poultry, small ruminant, and swine industry. These reports were shared with applicable livestock organizations and available upon request to Melissa Moggy at [email protected]

For highlights on each species extension services and demand, see our Industry-Specific Extension Infographics.

A major finding of the LWEP was that many respondents were not familiar with the National Farm Animal Care Council Codes of Practice. In an effort to improve awareness of the Codes, two infographics were created. Alberta Farm Animal Care has printed these resources and is happy to share them upon request.

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LWEP - Code Development 1
LWEP - Code Guidelines 2
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