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Livestock Transport in Canada


All those involved in transporting animals must ensure that every animal being loaded is fit for the trip and treated humanely.

Only animals that are fit to handle the stress of transport may be loaded. If you are not sure, seek the advice of a veterinarian or contact the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) before deciding to load an animal.

Code of Practice for Transportation


The current Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Farm Animals: Transportation was released in 2001. The review of the current Code is underway and is estimated to be completed in Spring 2023.

Cattle Transportation Roundtable


A report on the roundtable held on July 29th, 2019, to share current information, identify gaps in knowledge, and opportunities to improve transportation practices. The ultimate goal of the meeting was to find ways to improve cattle fitness during trade, transport and slaughter, through collaboration among industry stakeholders. The meeting brought together a cross-section of representatives from the beef and dairy industries, veterinary medicine, animal transporters, auction markets, provincial abattoirs, provincial regulation, federal regulation, researchers, and animal welfare organizations.

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