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Avian Influenza Updates


Here are the latest updates from the Government of Alberta regarding the Avian Influenza and how to help protect your flock:


For more information, please visit the Alberta Ag website.

Signs of Bird Flu

Introduction to Backyard Chickens – Virtual Series

Are you interested in keeping backyard chickens? Do you want learn more about flock health, handling, cost, by-laws, breeds, coop design, diseases, and more?

Then the Introduction to Backyard Chicken Series is for you! This 2 hour workshop will go over the basics and the necessities when it comes to owning and raising backyard chickens.

If your town or city requires training or education before owning backyard chickens, this course should qualify but please check your by-laws first.

If you’re interested in bringing this training to your town or community at a later date for a low cost, please contact us at [email protected]

If your municipality or group is interested in setting one up, please contact [email protected]

Chicken Care Workshops

Registrants of our previous webinar series can still access the session recordings, series quiz, and other resources shared by clicking the link under the appropriate heading to the right. 

Please note: Each series expires 3 months after the final workshop date. If you require access to your workshop and don’t see it on the list to the right, please contact AFAC directly at [email protected]

Registration is now open! Deadline to register is June 7 at 5:00pm.





“I attended your AWESOME chicken workshop in Nisku back in March. So informative & the manual is very helpful too.” – Yolanda Paradis, Leduc County


“Great presentation great resource for urban hens!

The City of Airdrie recently launched a backyard hens pilot project and needed to ensure the residents who would be participating in the pilot project had adequate training and information going in.  AFAC through their Urban Hens workshop provided participating residents with the essentials knowledge about keeping urban hens. The presenter Cassandra was very knowledgeable, engaging and enthusiastic in her delivery of the information which transferred to the participating residents. We have received nothing but rave reviews from the residents about how wonderful and informative AFAC Urban Hens workshop was. The participating residents all came away with a full understanding of what is required and what to expect while keeping hens in an urban setting.  Thanks you very much AFAC!” – Gail Gibeau, City of Airdrie Backyard Hens Pilot Project Coordinator


“As soon as I heard we could have chickens in town, I signed up for chicken school! The course answered all of my questions and allowed me to be hands on. (Just to make sure I wasn’t scared of them)! Having backyard chickens and a constant supply of fresh eggs has been everything I thought it would be and more.” – Workshop participant


“In 2017 I took the course “Keeping Backyard Chickens”.  I had toyed with the idea of keeping chickens for many years but never went ahead.  When the Town of High River decided to allow Urban Coops I decided to take the course, I am so glad I did!

It gave me the confidence to realize my dream, the course was thorough and covered everything from building/obtaining a coop, feeding, treats, health issues, the best hens to get for our climate and for eggs, where to go for treatment if necessary and the eventual demise of the birds. It was a fun course that I actually went on twice and held my first real chicken! I came away from the course excited to start building my own backyard coop!” – Workshop participant


“I had occasion to participate in an urban hen workshop and I must say it was certainly worth my time and effort. I thought I had a good general understanding of what was involved with keeping urban hens but found the course provided me with information I didn’t even know I didn’t know about! I highly recommend anyone considering keeping backyard hens to invest the time in learning about the process for their benefit and the benefit of the “girls””. – Workshop participant


“I found the course very informative and fun. Cassandra has the knowledge and experience of everything you need to know about having urban chickens. She even brings her own chickens to the class for us to handle! This is the course to take if you’re considering having your own hens!” – Workshop participant


“I took the Urban Hen Workshop with Cassandra as Instructor and I highly recommend it. I learned all about feeding and housing and felt I did a better job of caring for my chickens as a result. The best part was holding her little silkie chicken!” – Workshop participant


“Cassandra’s vast knowledge, and experience with chickens is evident as every facet of Hen Care was thoroughly covered.  I appreciated the presence of a few hens, and the interesting facts would not have anticipated.  This was a well paced event, and Cassandra’s confidence on the subject was evident.   I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in pursuing “Backyard Hens”” – Workshop participant 


“We were so fortunate to take part in the urban hen workshop in High River put on by Cassandra. Extremely informative and fun. I would certainly recommend anyone interested in having hens to take this course. Cassandra is an excellent instructor and her love and knowledge of animals ( especially chickens ) was imparted to us mixed with laughter and camaraderie.” – MaryAnn Kyllo (workshop participant) 




Video Series


These videos are part of a comprehensive Backyard Chicken toolkit that includes a facilitated workshop, an instructional manual, and 10 educational videos. 



Questions From The Coop

Have a question about your chickens? Want to get some insight about your coop set up? Join Cassandra Kirkpatrick for an informal monthly session one Tuesday evening of each month.

Check back for updates on when QFTC will be back!

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